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Hot Dogs on the Seine: Where to Celebrate the 4th of July Around the World

Hot Dogs on the Seine: Where to Celebrate the 4th of July Around the World

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Hot Dogs on the Seine: Where to Celebrate the 4th of July Around the World

It almost seems like a self-deprecating joke about American egocentricism to talk about how the rest of the world celebrates our Independence Day, especially when “July 4” is just another day everywhere else. However, there are many American expats and tourists scattered around the globe, and it is fun to celebrate American culture. Who doesn’t love a hot dog or a cold beer on a festive afternoon? Here are nine great places to celebrate America's Independence Day the world over.

Photo Modified: Flickr / Nicolas Winspeare


In a particularly aww-inspiring fashion, every year, Democrats Abroad and Republicans Abroad join forces to co-host a July Fourth picnic in Budapest, joining forces to create a robust afternoon of barbecue, live music, and heated debate. The city is bustling in the summer, full of a wide range of cultural programs, and in terms of food, there is plenty to enjoy. Just make sure you know how to choose the right paprika.

Photo Modified: Flickr / Top Budapest

Buenos Aires

Shutterstock / Celso Diniz

Argentina’s Independence Day conveniently takes place just a few days after July Fourth, on July 9. So why not celebrate both? On the Fourth of July, grab a pepperoni pizza at Punto Pizza (highly recommended by the acclaimed travel blog Gringo in Buenos Aires) and enjoy it at Parque Tres de Febrero, one of the world’s best parks for picnicking. On July 9, enjoy local foods like locro and alfajores, as well as fireworks at many spots all over the city.


While we highly recommend staying in France for 10 days after July Fourth for France’s huge July 14 celebration (think fireworks above the Eiffel Tower the night before), Paris is a great place to celebrate American Independence Day, as it has a large American expat community that bars and restaurants cater to. Or, even better, get some friends together, grab some French-inspired hot dogs, and watch boats pass by on the Seine. After all, there might not have been a USA without the help of the Marquis de Lafayette.

Photo Modified: Flickr / Nicolas Winspeare


Shutterstock / S. Borisov

Though it is slightly awkward to celebrate American Independence Day in the country America fought for independence from, spending this day in London can still provide a rollicking good time. Democrats Abroad UK holds an annual July Fourth picnic in Portman Square Park, and many local bars and restaurants add an American theme to their menus, as in the case of the American Beer Festival at Strongroom Bar and Kitchen.

Rebild and Aalborg, Denmark

Shutterstock / Fedor Selivanov

Rebild National Park is home to the biggest July Fourth celebration outside the United States. The holiday has been observed there since 1912, as an expression of the friendship between Denmark and the U.S. The festivities extend beyond the park and into the nearby town of Aalborg, where you’ll find live music and lots of good American and Danish food.


Shanghai boasts a host of great July Fourth events, such as AmCham’s annual Independence Day celebration with barbecue, hot dogs, and a watermelon-eating contest; the July Fourth Bash on the Bund, which celebrates America along the Huangpu River; and the tribute to American jazz at jazz club Heyday, where you’ll get a free present by saying “no taxation without representation” to the bartender.

Photo Modified: Flickr / David Veksler


With Canada Day only a few days before the Fourth of July (on July 1), Americans can fête both themselves and their amiable northern neighbors. Celebrate Canada Day by watching fireworks and eating lots of maple-flavored foods, and celebrate July Fourth by eating a Fancy Frank’s hot dog by the harbor. The Toronto Fringe Festival usually falls around the same time, too, so there’s no shortage of things to do.

Photo Modified: Flickr / Jennie Faber


Though it might seem odd to celebrate July Fourth Down Under in the middle of the winter, there is so much enthusiasm for the American holiday in this city that it’ll be difficult for you to not have a great time at one of Sydney’s many celebrations. Our top pick is the annual July Fourth party at The Bourbon, a fashionable New Orleans-style restaurant. We also recommend pairing classic American dishes with American craft beers at Hart’s Pub.

Photo Modified: Flickr / Brett Lider

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