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Jalebi (syrupy pretzels)

Jalebi (syrupy pretzels)

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I'm a big fan of Indian movies: "> I said let's try a delicacy of theirs but I'm not very successful in my appearance but the taste is very good: D

  • 450 g flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • 300 g yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon yellow dye
  • 1 tablespoon melted butter
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 500 ml oil
  • Syrup
  • 250 g sugar
  • 100 ml water
  • juice from a lemon

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Jalebi (syrupy pretzels):

Mix the yogurt with the flour, butter, powdered sugar, coloring and a pinch of salt until you get a dough thicker than the pancakes. Let it cool for 2 hours.

In a frying pan add the oil and let it heat up. Take the composition out of the fridge and put it in a pot. When we see that the oil has heated up, we start making the pretzels directly in the pan. take them out on a plate covered with a kitchen napkin and let them absorb the excess oil.

Syrup - we put the sugar with water in a kettle on the fire and let it boil until we get a syrup as thick as honey and at the end we add the juice.

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when we form the pretzels we make sure that when we form the end of the pretzel we add it over the other end so it will spread in the pan


if you want them to look better you can make them thinner

The history of the 40 martyrs of Sevastia

The 40 martyrs of Sevastia were Christian soldiers in the service of the Roman emperor Licinius. Three of them, Chirion, Candide, and Domnos, were very good at studying the scriptures. In 320, learning of their faith, Agricolae (the governor of Armenia) forced them to worship idols. Refusing, they were imprisoned for 8 days, stoned and tortured. Hence the typical form of the number 8 in which the martyrs are made. Eventually, the governor sentenced them to death by freezing in Lake Sevastia. One of the 40 gave up and came out of the lake, but died in the cold. He was replaced by a Romanian soldier guarding them. Great miracles happened that night: the water of the lake warmed up, the ice melted and 40 shining wreaths descended on the martyrs. At dawn, they were taken out of the lake alive but tortured terribly until they gave up their lives. Their relics were spread to various churches in the Orthodox area. (source

This is why 40 martyrs are made in the shape of the number 8. In Muntenia, martyrs are made boiled in water with sugar and walnut, from a noodle dough. You can find their recipe here.

Or the recipe martyrs stuffed with walnuts & # 8211 extra fluffy and syrupy & # 8211 see here.

From the ingredients below result 40 fluffy and fragrant Moldavian martyrs.

Moldavian martyrs

- In the pan of the bread machine, put the ingredients in the following order: warm milk, warm milk, butter previously melted in the microwave, egg, salt, sugar, freshly sifted flour, yeast. Select the program for kneading and leavening the dough (duration about 1 hour and 25 minutes).

- Place the dough obtained on the work surface, previously floured. Divide the dough into equal parts of about 55-60 grams, in the shape of spheres. Each of them is rolled between the palms and the work surface, until obtaining a roll with a length of approximately 50 cm, uniformly shaped. The obtained roll is folded in two.

Fix the middle of it with your finger and weave the two parts. Then join the two ends so that the braid obtained to form a circle. The prepared dough is twisted so as to acquire the shape of the number eight. The molded martyrs are placed one by one in a large tray, lined with baking paper, at a distance from each other. The pieces of dough to be used are covered with a kitchen towel.

The molded martyrs, placed in the tray, are covered in turn with a kitchen towel and left to grow in the tray for an hour in a warm place.

- Put in a bowl 300 ml of water, 150 g caster sugar, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar, a bottle of rum essence. Bring to the boil until a syrup is obtained. The latter is allowed to cool to room temperature. When the syrup is slightly warm, add the grated rind of a lemon.

- Heat the oven moderately.
- Mix 50 ml of milk and an egg yolk in a bowl. Grease the martyrs intended to be placed in the oven with a pastry brush.

- Bake the martyrs over medium heat, on the intermediate level of the oven, for about 20 minutes, until they become golden brown.
- Brush the baked martyrs with sugar syrup, using the pastry brush.
- Syrupy martyrs brush with honey. Add ground walnut kernel to the surface.
I found the recipe for these martyrs at Gourmandine, whom I thank.

The dough can be prepared manually or in a bread machine (I chose this last option because I started preparing the martyrs very late, in the evening).

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Jalebi (syrupy pretzels) - Recipes

Separately, in the bowl, where the yolks are, add your favorite flavor, oil and mix well. Gradually add the yolk composition to the egg whites with a spoon and mix with a wooden spoon from bottom to top, only on one side, so that the egg whites do not settle. Gradually add the flour, which has been previously mixed with baking powder and cocoa (if you want to prepare it with cocoa) and continue to mix with a wooden spoon from bottom to top until the whole table is smooth.

Arrange the baking paper on the tray and pour the dough table, carefully, on the baking tray. Level it with a spatula, so that it is as smooth as possible. Bake in the hot oven (in the middle of the oven) at 180C for 15 minutes
( no more ) . but for any eventuality, you can do the toothpick test after 12 minutes. If you remove the tray.

NATIONAL DAYS: Islamic Republic of Pakistan - gastronomy

Pakistani cuisine, rich and tasty, is similar to Indian, Pakistan having the same culinary traditions as its neighboring India. The dishes are often spicy and hearty.

Pakistan is divided into four provinces, each with its own specialties and ingredients., which makes a trip to this country a culinary delight.

Every region (and often every household) has own favorite spice blend, called & quotmasala & quot. However, although spices are used in abundance, Pakistani goods are less spicy than Indian ones.

It is consumed, & icircn especially, chicken, sheep and lamb, the unique taste of the meat being given by the spices. Pork is forbidden to Muslims, which represents over 97% of Pakistan's population, according to

Milk, lentils, seasonal vegetables (& quotsabzi & quot), flour and grain products are the basis of Pakistani cuisine.
The flour is used to make an unleavened bread, called "quotchapatis", which takes the place of cakes at the table.

Vegetables & mdash potatoes (& quotalu & quot), cabbage (& quotgobhi & quot), okra (& quotbhindi & quot), chickpeas (& quotchanna & quot) and peas (& quotmatar & quot) are eaten according to the season. & quotDhal & quot (or & quotdal & quot) is a lentil stew, one of the staple vegetables.

Fresh fruits such as mango, papaya, bananas, watermelon, apricots and apples are in abundance. Many Pakistanis eat fruit (especially watermelon) with a pinch of salt to compensate for the sweet or sour taste.

Even though these foods seem fading, Pakistani cuisine tastes them innumerable sauces and spices. In fact, in the center of Pakistani gastronomy there is a wide variety of spices (Indian influence), such as chili powder, curry, ginger, garlic, coriander, paprika and cinnamon. A wide range of & quotchutneys & quot (a kind of spicy sauce, usually obtained from fruits, fruit and vegetable spices) and pickles, which accompany meat and vegetables, give Pakistani cuisine a distinct flavor.

Those who allow food and meat, which can be of sheep, poultry and sometimes beef (& quotgayka gosht & quot). & quotKarai & quot, & quotjalfrezi & quot, & quottikka & quot and & quotbhoti kebab & quot are some of the meat dishes. In rural areas, meat is kept only for special occasions.

The sharpness of the spices used in cooking is attenuated by yogurt, des & icircnt & acirclnit at the table of the locals. Yogurt can be eaten simply or in dishes such as & quotlassi & quot (a drink made with yogurt, ice and sugar, for breakfast, or with salt, for lunch or dinner). Baked potatoes and boiled or baked corn (& quotsita & quot) can also accompany a kind of spicy meal.

Pakistanis enjoy desserts such as & quotkheer (rice pudding), & quotkulfi & quot (& pistachio ice cream) or even & quotjalebi & quot (a kind of orange & quotcovrigei & quot, made from flour, yogurt and sugar).

A breakfast (& quotnihari & quot), & icircn Pakistan, can be very filling, a beef stew (& quotnehari & quot) and mango being common for this part of the day. Sometimes a meat dish with hot peppers and other spices is prepared overnight to be eaten the next morning for breakfast.

The types of food served at lunch and dinner are similar. P & acircinea (whether it is & quotroti & quot, & quotchapatis & quot or & quotnaan & quot), rice (& quotchawal & quot), vegetables (& quotsabzi & quot) and meat (& quotgosht & quot) are the main elements of a meal. Rice is usually boiled or fried. Among the main dishes are & quotqofta & quot (lamb meatballs), or & quotnargasi qofta & quot (beef, minced meat, and eggs). To quench thirst, water may be offered at the beginning or after, but rarely at meal time.

Among the drinks are very popular & quotchai & quot, a tea with milk, nutmeg and sugar, and & quotnimbu paani & quot, a summer soft drink, made from crushed ice, salt, sugar, sparkling water and lemon juice.

Polish covers - Claudia Baban

For starters, I greased the yeast with a teaspoon of sugar, put a tablespoon of flour and a little lukewarm milk, then left it to activate the yeast and begin to leaven. In a bowl I sifted the flour together with the salt and put the sugar.

I made a hole in the middle where I put the yeast. I mixed it with flour and then I added the flavors, the warm milk and finally the melted and cooled butter.

Knead an elastic dough that comes off the walls of the bowl. The whole operation doesn't take long. Depending on the type of flour and moisture, flour or milk may be needed. But the dough should not be too soft. I placed the ball of dough in a bowl, covered it with a clean napkin and left it to rise for about an hour, until it doubled in volume. I turned the dough over on a plate, divided the dough into two parts and spread a rectangular sheet of each. I greased the sheet with half of the butter mixed with sugar, I folded the sheet in half, then I cut the strips about 1.5 cm wide, as seen in the picture. I cut each strip in half lengthwise, leaving one end uncut. I braided the two ends and then shaped it into a pretzel. They didn't look good on me, so I'll have to practice again. I got about 16 pretzels, but some were bigger and some smaller. I let it ferment for another 10 minutes, then I greased them with egg yolk mixed with milk and put them in the oven at 200 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Depending on the oven, you can adjust the time or temperature. While they were baking, I prepared the syrup. I mixed the honey with water, lemon juice and heated (without boiling) until the honey melted. I put the syrup over the hot pretzels when I took them out of the oven.


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